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Thank Your Pharmacists Day 2022

Throughout the pandemic, pharmacies remained open when many other health providers have closed their doors. During this period, pharmacists have faced huge challenges – including administering vaccinations, Rapid Antigen Test shortages, medicine supply shortages, workforce shortages due to isolation requirements, and increasing incidence of violent and abusive behaviour from patients.

Despite the crucial role pharmacists play in the health of our community they are too often overlooked and undervalued. Recognise our pharmacists for their incredible work throughout the pandemic and show them the appreciation they deserve by thanking your pharmacists this Thursday, 17th March 2022.

We are so lucky to have a high number of devoted, passionate and thoughtful Pharmacists within the Peak Pharmacies group. Each Pharmacist delivers their own skills and all make a great team when working together to provide the best customer service and healthcare possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to our amazing team of Pharmacists here at Peak Pharmacies.

Peak Pharmacy Corio Village: Tim, Alex, Hanna and Shelley

Peak Pharmacy Drysdale: Michael, Raynu and Taylor

Peak Pharmacy Leopold: Andy, Akira and Francesca

Peak Pharmacy Newtown: Zane and Greg


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