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Home Deliveries

Deliveries to your door

Peak Pharmacies offers FREE home delivery for prescription medications in the local area Monday to Friday.  With a fleet of 3 delivery cars on the road we can service our customers across the Geelong region.

Contact your nearest Peak Pharmacy before to arrange your delivery

Peak Pharmacies will continue to provide free home deliveries during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Deliveries are subject to the following conditions:
  • Drivers can not accept payments. Prescriptions must be paid for prior to delivery via the Medadvisor app or by credit card over the phone (we will contact you for payment when your script is ready)
  • We will let you know the approximate delivery time either via email, or over the phone if we are taking payment details. Customers need to be at home to take delivery.
  • To limit contact and adhere to social distancing regulations, the driver will knock and leave the medication then step back. If the original prescription is to be collected, it should be left at the door for collection when your medication is delivered.
  • Deliveries hours will be Mon-Fri, 9am -7pm
  • Deliveries may take up to two working days
Peak Pharmacies thank you for your understanding during this time.