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Sign up to the Med Advisor app to:
  • Order  Prescriptions, other Pharmacy products and NDSS lines
  • Pay in Advance 
  • Organise Home Delivery 
  • Manage your Electronic Prescriptions
  • Book appointments for services including COVID and Flu Vaccinations
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MedAdvisor is a revolutionary software that puts a virtual pharmacist on your smart phone, tablet or PC. 
It connects with your local Peak pharmacy so you can order and pay for prescriptions and helps you take medication safely, effectively and on-time.
4 Easy steps
  1. Download the Med Advisor App
  2. Call your local Peak Pharmacy to activate your account or activate via customer verification
  3. Upload a picture of your prescription and request any other items you require
  4. Wait for further instructions from the pharmacy
*If you are viewing this page from a desktop click here for phone numbers
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