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Asthma Control - Are you using your puffer correctly?

Unfortunately, up to 90% of people are thought to use their Asthma Inhalers incorrectly.

This can impact the effectiveness of asthma control medications.

We highly recommend all Asthma patients visit their local Peak Pharmacy Pharmacist and ask for an Inhaler Technique Check. During which, a Pharmacist will sit down with you and go through the steps included in your Asthma Inhaler device to ensure you are getting the most out of your medication.

Wanting to check a few techniques at home?

According to the National Asthma Council, the following are general tips for inhalers:

  • Turbuhalers, Respimat and pMDI devices should be primed before they are used for the first time.

  • For inhalers with a dose counter, it is important to check there are sufficient doses remaining in the inhaler before each use.

  • For the Respimat inhaler, ensure the cartridge has been loaded into the device before using the inhaler for the first time.

  • All pMDIs should be shaken before each dose. Do not shake dry powder inhalers (DPIs).

  • For all types of inhalers, it is important to keep the chin tilted up so the medicine reaches the lungs effectively

  • After use, wipe down the mouthpiece of the inhaler with a dry cloth.

  • For inhalers containing corticosteroids, it is important to rinse the mouth out with water after using the inhaler to remove any residual medicine. This will reduce the likelihood of voice changes and oral thrush.

For more information and even further tips on how to check your Asthma Inhaler

Technique, visit the National Asthma Council website using the following link:

Our stores are conveniently located across the Geelong region, to find your local Peak Pharmacy, visit our website using the following link:

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