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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - How to get involved!

Each year, Bowel Cancer Australia marks June as Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. This charity is 100% community funded and works towards prevention, early detection and diagnoses, treatment and care for everyone affected by Bowel Cancer.

To make a change, this organisation challenges perceptions, increases knowledge, provides practical and emotional support, campaign for access to quality treatment, fund research and raise money.

Early detection is extremely important in cases of Bowel Cancer. Our stores Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village, Peak Pharmacy Corio Village, Peak Pharmacy Drysdale, Peak Pharmacy Leopold and Peak Pharmacy Newtown all stock these screen kits and are available for purchase.

You can click the following link to learn more, find help and learn more about Bowel Screening Kits.

This organisation relies on members of the Australian community to get involved, make a donation and help create a real difference. If you'd like to donate, please click the following link:

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