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Peak Pharmacies across Geelong are approved vaccination providers for the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, helping to provide COVID-19 immunisation for our local area and wider community. You can book your vaccination via our website by clicking HERE

Or, contact your local Peak Pharmacy via phone or in store to book your vaccination.


Were the COVID-19 Vaccines developed too quickly to be safe?

While it may seem that the COVID-19 Vaccines were developed quickly, researchers from all around the world have been working on them since the beginning of the pandemic. They were able to speed up this process thanks to collaboration, scientists and manufacturers.

Does the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine cause blood clots?

There has been a link established between the AstraZeneca vaccine and a very rare but serious side effect. This is called thrombosis in combination with thrombocytopenia. There is a very low chance of this side effect, which may occur in around 4-6 people in every million after being vaccinated.

Do people who have had COVID-19 and recovered need to get vaccinated?

Yes. The protection someone gains from having COVID-19 varies from person to person.

Can COVID-19 vaccines alter my DNA?

No, they do not alter your DNA.

Are COVID-19 vaccines not effective?

The COVID-19 vaccines available are very effective at preventing people from severe illness, hospitalisation and death if they catch COVID-19.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine work if the virus mutates?

Evidence tells us that the COVID-19 vaccines will be effective against new variants of the virus.

Do COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility?

No. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will not approve a vaccine unless it is safe and effective. This includes impacts on fertility.

Do people have to receive two doses and do they have to be the same type of COVID-19 vaccine to be effective?

Yes. It is important you get the same type of COVID-19 vaccine.

Are COVID-19 vaccines mandatory in Australia?

Vaccinations for COVID-19, like all other vaccinations in Australia, are voluntary. People maintain the option to choose and this will apply to any COVID-19 vaccine that may become available. There may be circumstances in the future, however where there may be border entry or re-entry requirements that are conditional on proof of vaccination.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccinations currently available in Australia, please visit the website here.

To find your nearest Peak Pharmacy, please visit our website here


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