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Homyped Mid Season Sale at Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village

For a limited time, save $20 on selected Homyped styles at Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village.

Homyped say:

Footwear is the interface between your body and the ground.

Badly fitting shoes affect the pressure on your foot and can increase your likelihood of a fall, collapsed arches, bunions or other long-term problems

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built on foundations of arches.

The arches in your feet are extremely important when performing any form of movement, or even just standing still.

Sometimes a little extra support with the aid of a well-fitting shoe, helps share the load through the arch more efficiently and relieves stress over the rest of the foot.

Let our helpful staff find you supportive, properly fitted shoes to help your feet to relax and perform at their best! Come and see the team at Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village and to browse the range!

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