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International Men's Day

Thursday November 19th 2020 marks International Men's Day. This special day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the positive value men bring to the world, their families and their community.

Peak Pharmacy Men are awesome role models and aim to raise awareness of the well-being of men. Here are some Men we appreciate that you might recognise...

Chris Thompson

Chris is our Operations Manager and driving force behind Peak Pharmacies.

When creating the brand that Peak Pharmacies is, Chris said "I have wanted to do our best to ensure that the service that pharmacy is offering is relevant and appreciated by the patients and the community, including other health professionals"

Zane Wright

During the creation of the Peak Pharmacies brand, Zane was an integral contributor.

Zane values strong community connections as well as providing exceptional customer service. Zane is the Managing partner at Peak Pharmacy Newtown.

Greg Porte

Greg has been working as a managing partner at Peak Pharmacy Bellarine Village for over 15 years.

Greg has a passion for assisting customers achieve their health needs through optimal medication management. He has a special interest in asthma care and vaccinations.

Tim Holzer

Tim is a Managing Partner and Pharmacist at Peak Pharmacy Corio Village.

Tim has a passion for assisting patients reach their health goals. With a young family of his own, Tim has a particular interest in children's health and helping parents when they need it most.

Alex Loveluck

Alex works as a Managing Partner and Pharmacist along side Tim at Peak Pharmacy Corio Village.

Alex thrives on finding solutions to his patients health needs, and helping them implement healthy lifestyle habits. Being a pharmacist allows Alex to increase the health of all members of the community.

Michael Young

You might recognise Michael from Peak Pharmacy Drysdale, where he works as a Managing Partner and Pharmacist.

Michael is an asset to our Peak Pharmacy team for his passion for medicine, he finds the most rewarding aspect is being able to help people every day with their healthcare needs.

Andrew Mackrell

Over at Peak Pharmacy Leopold, Andrew works as Managing Partner and Pharmacist. Andrew brings a range of skills to the team at Peak Pharmacies. His love and knowledge of chemistry has allowed him to establish a compounding laboratory. This now services both human and veterinary patients from all over Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Each and everyone of our Peak Pharmacy Men bring a range of passion and skills to our team that we simply could not do without. Our community is better off having these Pharmacists and Managers on their side.

To learn more about International Men's Day, please visit their website

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