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Aesop says that this gift kit is an "ensemble to express gratitude towards mothers and caregivers alike: a beloved hand balm, a refreshing body cleanser and a nourishing lip salve in a reusable amenity case."

The kit is a trio designed to soften hands, cleanse the body and moisturise the lips.

Lets break down the pack here:

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

A blend of fragrant botanicals and skin-softening emollients that delivers rich hydration to labour-wearied hands and cuticles. This product will leave hands feeling nourished, supple with a greaseless finish.

The key ingredients are Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas, giving it a citrus, woody and herbaceous aroma.

A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser

A formulation that cleanses gently yet thoroughly, enriched with hydrating Rose Petal oil and skin-softening botanical extracts to leave skin feeling warmed, cleansed and fresh.

The key ingredients in this cleanser are Rose Petal, Cardamom and Black Pepper giving it a floral, spicy and warm aroma.

Cedar & Citrus Lip Salve

A formulation offering exceptional nourishment for dry or chapped lips; contains a blend of vegetable-derived emollients to leave lips feeling smooth and soft. The key ingredients are Grapefruit Rind, Cedar Atlas, Orange Rind.

Shop the Aesop range in store at Peak Pharmacy Newtown, or order directly from our website and enjoy free shipping.

Visit the Aesop website for more information:

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