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MooGoo sale at Peak Pharmacy Leopold

Throughout the month of November, take advantage of 20% off the entire MooGoo range at Peak Pharmacy Leopold!

Born in 2015, MooGoo is an Australian owned, natural skin care brand with an important philosophy: "Our goal with our products is to make something that works. Not everything we make will work for every one (because we're all so different), and there is no such thing as a miracle cure *insert eye roll here*. But we do the research and our ingredient philosophy is simple: To make effective products using healthy ingredients, that we are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones."

MooGoo products are natural over synthetic, non-irritating, quality, safe for everyone, effective, ethical and made right here in Australia!

For a range of skin types - dry, oily, damaged and a range of conditions - Eczema, Psoriasis, or itchy. MooGoo has something everyone will benefit from!

Enjoy 20% off MooGoo until November 30th at Peak Pharmacy Leopold!

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