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Sleep Awareness Week

The Sleep Health Foundation's Sleep Awareness Week runs from the 3rd-9th of August 2020 to promote the importance of sleep and how it impacts our overall health.

The Sleep Health Foundation believe that a lack of sleep can have a significant effect on mood and vice versa. As anxiety and stress increases the body becomes agitated, awake and alert making it difficult to sleep.

These sleep deprivations increase the likelihood of negative thinking, depression, anxiety and vulnerability. Currently, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is highly likely and very common to be experiencing heightened feeling of stress, anxiety and being genuinely overwhelmed.

To assist with dealing with these feelings and emotions, The Sleep Health Foundation have listen a series of tips.

  1. Limit media exposure.

  2. Make time to unwind.

  3. Take care of your body.

  4. Connect with others.

  5. Take care of your mind.

  6. Your bed is predominantly for sleep.

  7. Keep a regular sleep-wake routine.

  8. Managing fatigue.

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