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Stay Safe and Stay Home

As Victoria enters an extension of lockdown 5.0, we wanted to take the time to remind our loyal customers that we are still open our normal trading hours and will still do our best to help you find the best health solutions. However, we also want to ensure that you do not necessarily have to leave the house to get the prescriptions or the help you need.

We fully support and encourage our customers to stay home and safe during lockdown. To make this easier, we want to remind you that there are multiple ways you can order scripts without leaving home and even pay and have them delivered.


Our customers can store their prescriptions in store and access them via the MedAdvisor app. Using MedAdvisor allows you to keep track of your scripts, reminds you when you are running low and will allow you to order your prescriptions, pay in advance and request free delivery from your local Peak Pharmacy! We recommend using the MedAdvisor app, especially during lockdown so our customers can stay home and stay safe.


Our website has lots of useful information included in its pages. But it also comes with some features you might not be aware of.

Through our website you are able to order prescriptions and arrange for free delivery! Use the simple step-by-step instructions to order your prescriptions online and avoid going out during lockdown.

If you already keep your prescriptions on file at your local Peak Pharmacy, we also highly recommend you order your prescriptions by calling us and paying for them over the phone and we will have our driver deliver them out to you free of charge! We will continue to do the best we can to ensure our customers have the ability to stay home and stay safe this lockdown. For any further information or to find your local Peak Pharmacy, head to our website!

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