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WHO World No Tobacco Day 2022

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 31st 2022 is the WHO World No Tobacco Day.

Tobacco kills over 8 million people every year and is destroying our environment.

Each year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) host their "World No Tobacco Day."

This year, the annual campaign will aim to educate and inform the general public on the dangers of using tobacco and what tobacco companies are really doing in their everyday business practices.

WHO are fighting the tobacco epidemic and helping the world understand what they can do to claim their right to health, healthy living and protecting future generations.

WHO aim to educate the world on the impact of the tobacco industry on the environment. It is vast and growing, adding unnecessary pressure to our planet and its already fragile ecosystems.


Tobacco harms the environment:

Growing, manufacturing and using Tobacco poisons our water, soil beaches and streets with toxic chemicals, cigarette butts and both microplastic and e-cigarette waste.

Make the tobacco industry clean up their mess:

The tobacco industry makes profit by destroying the environment and WHO want to hold them accountable.

Quit tobacco to save our planet:

Quit tobacco for both your health and the health of our planet. Every cigarette smoked or tobacco product used wastes precious resources. Tobacco smoke contributes to higher air pollution level and it contains three kinds of greenhouse gases.

Help tobacco farmers switch to sustainable crops:

Governments and policy makers should support tobacco farmers to switch to alternative, more sustainable livelihoods to reduce the environmental impact of tobacco growing, curing and manufacturing while continue to implement tobacco control measures.

To learn more about World No Tobacco Day, visit the WHO website.

Visit the Peak Pharmacies Website

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