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Throughout the month of October, we are making Women's Health a priority.

It is important to have regular health checks through our lives. There are 10 key areas women should focus on throughout their adult lives to stay well and to help detect illness or disease early. We will explore these key areas over the coming weeks. Today, we'll look at Bowel, Bone and Breast health.

According to the Jean Hailes website, when detected early, Bowel cancer has a high recovery rate. Between ages 50-74 years of age, a bowel screen is recommended every 2 years. To make this easy, home kits are available and easily accessed by simply calling Bowel Cancer Australia on 1800 555 494.

When it comes to bone health, women may have an increased risk of Osteoporosis (fragile bones) if they have suffered other issues such as an eating disorder, poor diet, thyroid problems, family history or previous fractures. Women that have gone through menopause are also at increased risk of Osteoporosis. If you are at risk or over the age of 70 your doctor may recommend a Bone Density Scan.

Early detection of breast cancer significantly increases chances of successful treatment. In your 20s, a woman should conduct a self examination each month. Between the ages of 50-74, women should get a mammogram every 2 years.

For more information or to find a screening location near you, please contact Breast Screening Australia on 13 20 50.

For more information on Women's Health issues, please visit the Jean Hailes website or use their contact number below.


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