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Every year the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) runs World Asthma Day in the hopes to raise global awareness to all people affected by asthma and the issues that affect them.

About 1 in 9 Australians have Asthma, which is one of the highest rates in the world. It is a serious health condition that unfortunately leads to the death of nearly 400 Australians a year. However, in many cases, Asthma is a manageable disease and those with Asthma can live a full life.

Asthma can affect people of all ages, from young children right into adulthood. Asthma causes wheezing, breathlessness, shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness as the airways narrow temporarily. Symptoms can show at any time of day as everyone is different.

To support World Asthma Day, Asthma Australia is uncovering the Great Aussie Asthma Myth alongside four global asthma misconceptions put forward by GINA.

MYTH ONE: Asthma is a childhood disease; individuals will grow out of it as they age.

TRUTH: Asthma can occur at any age (in children, adolescents, adults and elderly)


Asthma is infectious.


Asthma is not infectious. However, viral respiratory infections (such as common cold and the flu) can cause asthma attacks. Or In children, asthma is frequently associated with allergy, but asthma which starts adulthood is less often allergic.

MYTH THREE: Asthma sufferers should not exercise.


When asthma is well controlled, asthma subjects are able to exercise and even perform top sport.


Asthma is only controllable with high dose steroids.

TRUTH: Asthma is most often controllable with low dose inhaled steroids

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