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World Pharmacists Day 2021

Each year, we celebrate World Pharmacist Day to show our friendly pharmacists how much we appreciate the work they do to help better the health of the community. At Peak Pharmacies, our Pharmacists work to create a healthy way of living for each and every one of our customers. They put in the time and effort to give you the customer service and professional advice you deserve.

This year, World Pharmacists Day falls on Saturday the 25th of September with the theme “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health".

Did you know that pharmacists are one of the world’s top five trusted professions? We’re proud to be a part of your community – both on World Pharmacists Day, and every day.

Here are a few ways we guarantee you can trust all of our

Peak Pharmacists:

You can trust your Peak Pharmacy Pharmacist to provide protection from COVID-19 with the Astra-Zeneca or Moderna Vaccine. You can contact your local Peak Pharmacy to book your vaccine appointment or do so on our website. You can trust them to make you feel safe, comfortable and informed about getting your COVID-19 vaccination.

You can always trust that every Peak Pharmacy Pharmacist will take the time and effort to provide you with the professional advice and assistance you deserve. Helping you find the best health solutions is their top priority.

You can always seek advice from our team via phone or you can always visit us in store.

Our pharmacists are committed to more than just your prescription medications. They strive to help you make the most of them by ensuring you are fully educated and equipped. This might include your diabetes management.

We are NDSS product providers and will happily assist you in learning about the products you need and about the benefits of being a member with NDSS.

You can always trust that each Peak Pharmacy Pharmacist cares about the health of your family. They are committed to ensuring your children receive the best healthcare and solutions possible. With many of them having young children of their own, they will always take the time to put you at ease when your little one is unwell.

We trust our Peak Pharmacists and hope that you do too. We are proud and we appreciate Peak Pharmacy Pharmacists and all that they do for each individual and the community every single day. If you visit your local Peak Pharmacy this Saturday, September 25th - give your pharmacists an extra "thank you" in honour of World Pharmacists Day and remind them that they are appreciated!

For more information on World Pharmacists Day, you can click HERE. To visit our website, you can click HERE.


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