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Let us know about our Home Delivery Service

1 of the 4 Peak Pharmacies Delivery Cars
1 of the 4 Peak Pharmacies Delivery Cars

Do you currently use our home delivery service on a regular basis or have you used it in the past?

We would love you to let your local members of Parliament know how important our current free home delivery is to you. If this is something you feel passionate about, please get in contact with either: Libby Coker MP 26/500-540 Torquay Road Armstrong Creek VIC 3217 Phone: 03 5261 7683 Email: or Richard Marles MP Suite 1, Ground Floor, 92-100 Brougham Street Geelong, VIC 3220 Phone: 03 5221 3033 Email:

Plus, we would love to hear from you on our Facebook, Instagram or Google pages how important our home delivery service is to you or your loved ones!

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